2017 Old Port Festival Vendor Registration

2017 Old Port Festival Vendor Registration
Kick off summer in Maine at the 44th annual Old Port Festival! This family-friendly, one-day event is an outdoor celebration of art, music and community in the heart of beautiful Downtown Portland. With over 40,000 attendees expected, it's a festival that's not to be missed! Registration is open now for food and retail vendors, nonprofits and Maine-based artists. Reserve your space by clicking the green REGISTER button above. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, May 1, 2017. Vendor Policies & Guidelines for a Smooth & Happy Festival For All Vendors may not sell or serve alcohol All booth spaces are 10' x 10' Spaces must be reserved in 10' x 10' increments only Vendors must provide their own booth and display (tent, table, chairs, etc.), as well as hand trucks, if needed, for setup and breakdown. Parking is not available in the festival area and cars must vacate the festival grounds by 10am. There are many lots and garages throughout the area and parking meters are free on Sunday. We have a carry-in, carry-out policy. Vendors are responsible for any trash that accumulates in their space. This is a rain or shine event. We are not able to refund vendors who cancel. Portland Downtown, the event organizer, reserves the right to deny participation to vendors whose activities or products are inconsistent with the goals of the Old Port Festival. Registration fees will be reimbursed only in this case. Vendors must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance All vendors (with the exception of Arts & Crafts vendors) must issue a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating Portland Downtown as the additionally insured (minimum coverage 0,000). To obtain this document, please contact your insurance company and explain that you will be participating as a vendor at the Old Port Festival on June 11th. Certificates can be emailed to taffy@portlandmaine.com or faxed to 207-774-4640. Important Notice for Food + Beverage Vendors Please note that you MUST obtain a State of Maine Mobile or Temporary food license prior to the event. Please contact Carol Gott at 287-5675 or carol.gott@maine.gov to obtain your food license.

Old Port & Arts District
Portland, United States



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