A Modern Desert View…

A Modern Desert View…
Automotive Repairs
A return to a favorite site of inspiration to me, this is again a photo of the abandonned automotive repair shop at the exit off Interstate 8 at Sentinel, Arizona. See the photos from 3 years ago and the purple building (or at least the outer shell, to be more accurate with the term) that remains along with this bit of a security gate. This shop must have been derelict for years and the town as well. Perhaps 20 to 50 people at the very max for the town population? And that would be if one counted any dwelling within 5 or 6 miles radius of this one, lonely intersection. I think there may be about 3 or 4 businesses at this part of Sentinel and each has the residential area part of the business. Hyder is to the west of here, about 15 miles further off the Interstate.

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