Airstream RV

An Airstream RV can perhaps be considered one of the better choices for recreational vehicles. The main reason for this is that the Airstream RV has withstood the test of time. Because it has been around since the 1930s, it has constantly undergone improvements. In fact, Airstreams motto reflects the journey of the Airstream RV: “We don’t make changes, we only make improvements.”

A lot of people have thought of great Airstream ideas. Over the years, they have transformed their Airstream RV into the trailer of their dreams. Here is a glimpse of what Airstream RVs have become.

The feminine side of the Airstream RV

When an Airstream RV fully decked with as much Hello Kitty apparel was auctioned, the RV community took notice, just because it was rare to see women owners of recreational vehicles who are as passionate as men in redesigning and customizing their Airstream RVs.

The Hello Kitty RV was a sight to behold. Its exteriors, while not painted fully in pink, carried the Hello Kitty icon. Inside, you can find a bed fully lined in pink fur. The fixtures and furniture were also all in pink. Daughters and wives of RV owners clamored for this Airstream RV, because it brought them back to their childhood.

Working inside the Airstream RV

Another great idea was to transform the Airstream RV into a mobile production house. This benefited those who were constantly on the go, looking for worthwhile topics that could be reported in the news.

The Airstream RV’s greatest contribution in this area is that it saved a lot of time. Because the RV was already equipped with an editing office, and served as a satellite office as well, there was no more need for reporters to rush back to their offices to beat the deadline.

Making music inside the Airstream RV

Another great Airstream idea was to take an Airstream RV and transform it into a band studio. This would seem quite impossible, but if you think about it, the idea makes sense. After all, the Airstream RV feels like you are on a stream of air, so there were no sudden jerks of abrupt movements of the vehicle that would topple down the musical instruments. Best of all, the Airstream RV can bring the musician to a place that inspires him.

Up until today, Airstream RVs remain one of the most coveted vehicles. This is because they are flexible, and could easily be customized. People have gotten out of their comfort zones, and have decided to play with how their Airstream RVs look.

Recreational Vehicles from Airstream are becoming a more attractive way to get away from home and still have the comforts of home along for the ride. Several years ago RV’s were thought of as an affordable way to get away, more on the lines of camping. Today there are still campers available that fit that, however the majority of the RV’s are more like a home on wheels.

How about you? When will you customize your Airstream RV?

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