Are Auto Repair Warranties a Smart Option?

Were you offered a warranty for the parts or labor on the last auto repair performed on your vehicle? If you are concerned about the quality of the work performed, don’t be hesitant to ask your auto repair technician about any warranties offered by the shop for auto repair services. However, understanding auto repair warranties can be confusing–there are good ones and not so good ones.

To make the best decision possible, start by asking your auto repair technician these three questions:

1. What all is covered, or not covered? Take time to read the fine print and ask questions until you understand it thoroughly. For example, you will want to know if it only covers the drive train or is it bumper-to-bumper? Does it cover the most common repairs, and are there exceptions? Is there a limit on the number of miles or is it months?

2. Is the warranty cost-effective? Compare the annual cost of the warranty against the average amount you spend each year on auto repair services. If it exceeds that amount, it may not be worth the cost to you. There may also be a deductible to consider.

3. Are there any stipulations? Find out if the warranty applies only to that particular dealer or auto repair shop. Can you live with that?

Remember: Read the fine print! Even though warranties may appear similar, be aware, as not all warranties cover the same things. Check the coverage, count the cost, and consider the rules.

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