Audrey Drake June Concert

Audrey Drake June Concert
If you are ordering 2 tickets but are part of a party of 4 for example, please email linda@themillfudgefactory so we can seat you together, thank you. Genre: Soul Website: Years of hard work, classical training, and real life experience are the driving forces behind Audrey Drake’s original music. Haunting melodies and soulful lyrics transport you to a place where there is only you, the music, and life’s journey.Audrey's presence is warm, authentic, personal and completely relatable. Her lyrics tell of old family history and her own experiences and are knit together with gorgeous melodies, an expressive velvet voice and her fine guitar playing. The listener is drawn in, wanting to hear every evocative word and tone. Combining a truly unique musical style with her formal study and a desire to tell stories that speak to us all, an evening spent with Audrey Drake is like an evening spent with any of the great soulful singers of our time.“Audrey spins an entrancing web of melodies and stories in her album Soul to Keep. From the delightful evening I first heard her on stage 5 years ago to right now as I listen to the CD in my car, these are songs heard in the heart.” Adine Storer General admission – .00

at The Back Room at The Mill
2 Central St
Bristol, United States

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