BODY SHOP! 30HRS YOGA ALLIANCE ACCREDITED  INJURY CLINIC AND HEALING INTENSIVE CET WORKSHOP With Master Teacher Lois Nesbitt (NEW YORK) 19th – 23rd June 2017 Melbourne Bodies break down—yet yoga tells us they don’t have to! The right kind of yoga allows you to practice safely and live free of injuries and afflictions, as well as to care for your body off the mat. This training guides you deep into the body, engaging your anatomy, your yoga, physical therapy, and hands-on adjustments as the route to healing from the inside out—and preventing future harm! We’ll map out key parts of the body and focus the common injuries and conditions in each area. Come dressed for practice, as we’ll be doing some asanas and exercises as well as practicing hands-on healing adjustments on each other. Bring your injuries as well as your minds and spirits as we identify problems and restore balance throughout the body. This deeply practical program will change the way you treat your body forever! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: HANDS, WRISTS, ELBOWS, SHOULDERS, SPINE, NECK AND HEAD Our upper bodies suffer from poor posture: slumping, driving, working on a computer, carrying babies, as well as tension. Add to this unskillful yoga practice—putting weight on the arms, neck, and head without understanding how the body works—can cause further damage. Learn how to open up, stand tall, breathe freely, and heal injuries to shoulders and neck. Our arms and hands are our physical links to the world around us, yet we often abuse them through poor habits and sloppy yoga. Recover full use of these powerful limbs and practice free from pain! FEET, ANKLES, CALVES, KNEES, HIPS, THIGHS AND LOWER BACK We rarely give our feet and knees much thought—until they cause us pain! Yet the feet are what supports us as we stand and move through the world. The knee mediates between the foot and the rest of the body, often taking the strain of misalignments from above and below. Yoga and sports also place specific challenges on knees, often causing unnecessary injuries. The pelvis is the body’s center of gravity. It is also the crucial link between the legs and the torso, shaping how we move as well as our overall posture. Pain in the hips and lower backs is everywhere today, as more of us sit most of the day. Realigning the pelvis can release tight muscles, alleviate pain, and restore full range of movement. Why wait? Whatever your age, start today on the road to healthy hips, knees, and feet! *This course is for everyone, students and teachers of all levels. It is open to yoga teachers, yoga students, and “civilians” who have never practiced yoga but want to learn how to protect and heal the body and potentially to avoid resorting to medication, surgery, and other medical interventions. *Yoga Teachers who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training may count these 30 hours towards Lois’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Trainings. Workshop hours can also be counted as Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance and Continuing Professional Development hours with Yoga Australia. ABOUT LOIS NESBITT With more than 25 years of practice, teaching, and training teachers, Lois is uniquely prepared to guide you toward practices that will best serve you and your students. Lois culls the best of the vinyasa (“flow”) yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Anusara Yoga traditions into a joyful, intelligent, and inspiring yoga that can adapt to students of all levels and abilities. Lois began her practice as a teenager in France, and resumed as an adult when she moved to New York City. She studied first at Jivamukti Yoga, then moved on to practice 10+ years of Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Eddie Stern. She met John Friend just as he was founding Anusara Yoga, and soon became a leader in the Anusara community, serving on the prestigious Curriculum Committee (which shaped the future of Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainings) and the committee that reviewed teaching videos for teachers seeking certification. Lois holds teaching certificates from Integral Yoga Institute, Yoga Zone, and Anusara Yoga, as well as the highest level of teaching (500hrs Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance, the yoga world’s credentialing organisation. She also studied two years of rigorous yoga anatomy under master Leslie Kaminoff and thousands of hours of yoga history and philosophy with world-renown scholar Prof. Douglas Brooks. Alarmed at the growing number of yoga- and life-related injuries facing so many, several years ago Lois founded a truly unique drop-in Injury Clinic in New York, where she has guided grateful clients toward self-healing and recovery from injuries ranging from tight shoulders to tricky knees, from car accidents and earthquakes to 9/1l first responders. In addition to her yoga training, Lois holds a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Princeton. She credits her fine teachers at these universities for showing her how to make the most complex ideas clear and exciting to students. Her lighthearted approach to life infuses her teaching with playfulness and humor. Indeed, she is unique among yoga teachers in the ease with which she can guide you into tricky poses, map out muscles and bones and what they do, and untangle the threads of India’s vast and varied yoga history. Lois has trained hundreds and thousands yoga teachers around the world. Lois’ passion is to share all that she knows with the next generation of yoga teachers–that’s why she’s flying 22 hours from home to bring this course to you! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to train with the best ! Lois’ yoga derives from the great teachers and grand traditions that have shaped her own practice and teaching. Primary among these are: Vinyasa flow (Jivamukti Yoga) Ashtanga Yoga (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Eddie Stern) Anusara Yoga (John Friend) Breath-centered yoga (Desikachar, Viniyoga, Leslie Kaminoff) Lois’ philosophy draws on the full sweep of yoga history, including early non-dual Vedanta and the Classical Yoga of Patanjali. However, late Tantra provides the ground of her philosophy. Her primary philosophy teacher is Professor Douglas Brooks. WORKSHOP OUTLINE AND DAILY SCHEDULE DAY ONE – SPINE/NECK/HEAD (MON 19 JUNE 2017) 11:30-12:00     Discussion: What is Yoga Therapy? 12:00-12:30     Anatomy of the Spine. Anatomy Applied to Yoga: Spinal Curves 12:30-1:00       Getting Started: What to ask your student/client Intake Form 1:00-1:30         Training your Eye: Observation: Spinal Curves 1:30-2:30         Common Spinal Injuries/Irregularities:                                     Bulging/herniated disks                                     Spodilosis                                     Spondylothesis                                     Fused vertebrae/rods                                     Spinal Stenosis                                     Osteoporosis                                     Scoliosis Common Injuries in Neck/head:                                     Bulging Disks                                     Vertigo                                     Migraines                                     Tension headaches 2:30-3:00         Break 3:30-4:00         Verbal Adjustments 4:00-4:30         Physical Adjustments 4:30-5:00         Exercises and Modified Yoga Poses 5:00-5:30         Sample Sequences DAY TWO – FEET AND ANKLES (TUE 20 JUNE 2017) 11:30-12:00     Anatomy: Feet and Ankles 12:00-12:30     Training Your Eyes: What to look for in feet and ankles 1:30-2:00         Observe: feet and ankles 2:00-2:30         Break 2:30-3:00         Common Injuries:                                     Flat feet/fallen arches                                     Plantar fascitis                                     Bunions                                     Hammer toe                                     Heel spur                                     Toe Neuroma                                     Ankle Sprain                                     Achilles Tendon strains, tears, and tendonitis 3:00-3:30         Verbal Adjustments 3:30-4:00         Physical Adjustments 4:00-4:30         Exercises and Modified Yoga Poses 4:30-5:00         Sample Sequences 5:00-5:30         Recap and Q&A DAY THREE – KNEES (WED 21 JUNE 2017) 11:30-12:00     Anatomy of Knees 12:00-12:30     Training Your Eye: What to look for in knees:                                                 X pattern                                                 O pattern                                                 Hyperextension                                                 Rotations/tracking 12:30-1:30       Common injuries:                                     ACL strain/tear                                     Tracking: cartilage, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, ligament damage                                     Shin Splints 1:30-2:00         Verbal Adjustments 2:00-2:30         Physical Adjustments 2:30-3:00         Exercises and Modified Yoga Poses 3:00-3:30         Break 3:30-5:00         Sample Sequences 5:00-5:30         Recap and Q&A DAY FOUR – HIPS/LOWER BACK/THIGHS (THU 22 JUNE 2017) 11:30-12:00     Anatomy of Hips, Lower Back, and Thighs 12:00-12:30     Training Your Eye: What to look for in Hips and Thighs, Pelvic tilt (anterior or posterior), Left/right asymmetries 12:30-1:30       Common Injuries:                                     Labrum Tear                                     Osteo-Arthritis/Bone Spurs                                     Tight Psoas                                     Groin Strains                                     Yoga butt/hamstring tears 1:30-2:00         Verbal Adjustments 2:00-2:30         Physical Adjustments 2:30-3:00         Exercises and Modified Yoga Poses 3:00-3:30         Break 3:30-5:00         Sample Sequences 5:00-5:30         Recap and Q&A DAY FIVE – SHOULDERS/ELBOWS/WRISTS/HANDS (FRI 23 JUNE 2017) 11:30-12:00     Anatomy: Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, and Hands 12:00-12:30     Training Your Eye: What to look for in shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands 12:30-1:30       Common Shoulder Injuries:                                     Rotator cuff muscle strain/tear                                     Joint capsule tear                                     Frozen Shoulder                                     Tendonitis                                     Dislocation                                     Osteo-Arthritis                         Common Elbow Injuries:                                     Hyperextension of wrist and elbow                                     Falls/fractures                                     Tendonitis/Ulnar, medial, or lateral nerve impingement (golf and tennis elbow)                         Common Wrist Injuries:                                     Ganglion cysts                                     Falls/fractures                                     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1:30-2:00         Verbal Adjustments 2:00-2:30         Physical Adjustments 2:30-3:00         Break 3:00-4:00         Exercises and modified Yoga Poses 4:00-5:00         Sample Sequences 5:00-5:30         Recap and Q&A. Closing Circle and Certificates. MEET LOIS ON YOUTUBE: VENUE: Skintopia Yoga and Wellness Sanctuary(Former AYA Abbotsford), Suite 11 Acacia Place, 677 Victoria St Abbotsford, VIC 3067 TUITION: 0 (Early Bird Special 0 if booked before 8th May 2017) OR 0 per day if student can not commit to the entire 30hrs program BANK TRANSFER / DEPOSIT DETAILS (Payment Description: YOUR FULL NAME + LNWS): Bank Name: WestpacA/C Name: FLYING MASTERSBSB: 033009A/C No. 599954 *Please send an email to after you transfer the payment so we can send you the confirmation email. REFUNDS/CANCELLATION POLICY: • Flying Masters will provide a 100% refund for program cancelled by the company. • Full payment is required prior to the program start date. • All refunds are subject to a 20% administration fee of the total invoice value. • No refund will be given within 14 days of the program start date, unless we are able to fill your place from the waiting list. (Note: Photos and video may be taken from time to time during our events by Flying Masters employees, solely for Flying Masters’ marketing purposes.) *If you need help with the booking or have questions about this event please email or call 03 9939 6210.

at Skintopia Yoga and Wellness Sanctuary(Former AYA Abbotsford)
Suite 11 Acacia Place, 677 Victoria St Abbotsford
Melbourne, Australia

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