Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs
You can hear that sense of fun, as well as that ability and willingness to wander and any musical direction throughout the albums 12 trucks. The inspirational heart of those songs lies in the sound of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma that played such a vital role in shaping Skaggs musical sensibility, but the venture forth boldly from there, ranging from seductive New Orleans rumble of the title track to the rye social commentary of "He'll to Pay" and a heartbreakingly wistful interpretation of the Band's "Wispering Pines." As he did on his most recent previous album, Memphis 2013, Skaggs worked with producer Steve Jordan and the telepathic core band consisting of Jordan on drums, Willie Weeks on base, Ray Parker, Jr. on rythem guitar and Jim Cox on keyboards.
Fans who have followed Skaggs remarkable career dating back to the late 60s with the Steve Miller Band, his solo triumphs with such a classic albums as Silk Degrees (1976) and Middle Man (1980); and the splendid assurance of late-period high points like Some Change (1994) and Dig (2001), will instantly recognize Scaggs' characteristically deft touch as a singer. See him at Twin River on Friday, July 14, at 8:00pm. Tickets start at just !

at Twin River Casino
100 Twin River Road
Lincoln, United States

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