Charity Auctions: Four Facts For Your Consideration

Charity auctions can have different formats, different bidding processes, and are a fun way of money initially invented by religious institutions.

Charity Auctions are events arranged by various types of groups and organizations to raise money for a variety of needs and purposes. Many charity auction cases consist of selling donating items from team members or the bigger corporation that the group or business works for. The proceeds collected from the auction are passed on the organization or cause for which the charity auction was organized. Here are some need to know facts about planning a charity auction:

It was initiated by religious institutions

The origin of charity auctions belongs to 17th and 18th centuries which were organized by religious institutions when wealthy patrons and parishioners died leaving behind various properties and estates. These properties would get auctioned off and the collected money would be given to the church treasury or used for purposes such as feeding and housing programs for the poor. This practice continues today, but is no longer limited to religious groups. If you are looking for a profitable charity auction, you may want to consider schools, foundations and even social clubs.

Charity auctions can feature services

Charity auctions have changed over time. Now such events often add services to the “bare” selling of goods. The participation of professionals such as celebrities, plumbers, gardeners, musicians, artists and other people is encouraged by the services included in the charity auction These folks will do their helps and return the wealth they receive to the association or foundation they are holding up. Auctions that feature single men and women available for dates are a common kind of auction that feature services. The person with the highest bid is the one that wins the date.

There’s no better, more enjoyable way to raise funds

Unlike other traditional money-making activities, charity auctions are more exciting since they encourage both the generosity and the participation of people who do not directly gain anything for their contribution. A charity auction is more fun than asking for donations because it presents people with an opportunity to compete.

Varying bidding processes and several formats form part of charity auctions

There are several different ways a charity auction can take place. A popular format of auction that doesn’t involve an auctioneer facilitating the bidding process out loud is called a silent auction. Rather than that, the auction guests view times that are displayed and sign their names along with their offers if they see an item of interest. The bidder who submits the highest amount will win the item. The item of service is awarded to the next highest bidder if the current bidder is absent. A live auction is another format and has an auctioneer in charge of introducing the various items, individuals or services up for auction. It is the auctioneer’s responsibility to facilitate bids and announce the amount of them. To ensure the a certain amount of funds will be raised, both silent and live auctions generally involve a minimum bid.

Participating in a charity auction helps raise fund for an organization or a cause and at the same time the participants too get some kind of benefit.

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