Choosing The Best ATV Shocks

ATV shocks reduce shock impulses and disperse energy to prevent damage to the ATV itself. They consist of a gas or fluid-filled cylinder containing a sliding piston. The force of impact pushes the piston into the chamber, which transfers the energy to the gas or fluid inside.

ATV shocks are an important part of your ATV and when choosing them you need to ask yourself a few critical questions. Where will you be riding your ATV and on what kind of terrain? Do you expect a certain level of performance from your shocks or do you just want them to get the job done?

What is your primary reason for ATV usage? Racing is a whole different world with ATV’s as opposed to recreational use. You need to know what you want to be doing with the vehicle and your budget as this will determine what type of ATV shocks you will need.

If it’s racing shocks you are after, they will help you achieve a great ride. It will hardly be a smooth and easy one and the shocks have a tendency to wear faster. But racing shocks will help you on your course and get you to the checkered flag finish.

Another thing to look for is how much adjustment you need. While adjustability can be a good thing, it needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Don’t ignore the fact that adjusting needs to be taken care of, even if you aren’t racing your vehicle.

Racers tend to benefit more from adjustability that a casual rider. The different race tracks and changing race conditions makes this option an attractive one. Recreational riders usually go out on their ATV’s in more stable conditions than racers do.

How much are you planning to spend on your new ATV shocks? You might want to take this into consideration; it’s hard to buy a Porsche if you only have money for a Hyundai. Even with a less than spectacular budget, you can still get the front shock absorbers to start with and add the rear ones as your income allows.

If this is more than a hobby for you and you want to go all out, a full set of shocks and add suspension linkage components will be your best bet. This will further improve the performance of your ATV and your enjoyment in riding.

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