Discovering An Automotive Mechanic That Knows What He Is Doing

A short while ago I met a great guy by the name of Daniel who owns Attard Automotive in Tullamarine. Let me tell you why I now call him a great guy.

I am very fussy as to who works on my car, after all my families safety depends on it. I have been using the same motor mechanic (by the way he wanted to be called an automotive mechanic) for years as he did great work but unfortunately I had to move interstate and needed to find a new motor mechanic.

I did a bit of searching around and tested, yes tested, a few out. I continued my search on the internet and came across Attard Automotive. Now by looking at his website I was not inspired but you know what, I don’t want a mechanic that can make websites I want one that can do a great job on my car and speed boat (yes I have some boy toys).

I decided to contact Attard Automotive ( and was fortunate enough to speak to Daniel, the owner. We had a great chat and I loved the way he actually sounded interested in what I was saying. This, in my eyes, is a big bonus when looking for someone professional to add to your team. As we were chatting about my needs I happen to mention that I had a stern drive ski boat and it also needed some attention.

This is looking like a good start for finding a good quality auto mechanic to do all my auto repairs. Whilst I was dropping my car and boat off for some tender loving care I was able to meet Daniel and he was a nice in person as he was over the phone. He started talking to me about the cost of fuel and naturally the conversation ventured towards gas conversion or as some people call it LPG conversion.

He had my attention as there are a lot of savings to be made when switching to gas. This had me thinking. Yes I have been hearing a lot about this process of gas conversion or LPG conversion, whatever you want to call it, but have actually never really bothered to find out any details for it. Daniel provided some very thought provoking information about the benefits of gas conversion. Anyway. To cut a long story short I have now booked my car in to get the gas conversion done as well as having found someone that I trust fully with my car and my families safety.

When my son found out that I had found Daniel he started asking me all sorts of questions about his little project that he was working on. As usual he let me do all the investigating and he takes the benefits. When I told him that Attard Automotive also does modifications to Hotrods he was very interested.

Needles to say that now both my son and I take our vehicles, well one vehicle and a Hotrod, to the same location for all manner of servicing and mechanical needs, right from brake pads replacement to engine rebuilds. In my case the engine rebuild will not be needed but the way the Hotrod is driven I think Daniel will have a good deal of work from my son.

Why did I tell you this about myself and Attard Automotive? Simple, to save you time and heartache from going to motor mechanic after motor mechanic until you find one that is worthy to have your business. I am happy and willing to tell people about it if it helps them.

This article was prepared on behalf of Attard Automotive ( With the many services provided it can be your truly “One Stop” Automotive Mechanical solution

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