Government Auctions – Sourcing the Most Profitable eBay Items

Auctioning things on eBay is among the the most genuine and effective ways to sell products and build a rewarding work from home business. With more and more people using eBay for furthering their business profits, it’s even more important to source inexpensive items. When you use an online supplier, you have a disadvantage against other eBayer’s, because many receive volume discounted pricing on items that you would have to compete against.

Here is a way you can have a competitive advantage and be more profitable then long time eBayers. Government auctions are a great way to find items for cheap due to bankruptices, defaulted taxes, repossessed items, unclaimed items, or government surplus. You can purchase these items either online from government web sites or from live government auctions held locally across the US and Canada. Since this merchandise doesn’t have any costs to the government, they aren’t concerned about selling at high prices like a wholesaler is, so this allows you to purchase merchandise for much less then what anyone would expect.

Purchasing products at government auctions means you are getting deeply discounted unique goods. These auctions have a extensive range of items that are great for selling on eBay including items such as jewelry, electronics, office equipment, etc. Since many of these items are provided in volume quantities your item set-up time in eBay is greatly reduced. For example I witnessed a person who bought 11 ATM cash machines for $ 46 each, and sold them for $ 468 each and someone else bought 51 watches that they resold for 7 times as much.

So if you’ve never sold an item on eBay then I would recommend going to eBay and taking 10 minutes to set-up a free eBay membership and entering in a fake item for sale (it’s easy, follow eBay’s guidance). Don’t actually publish this listing. This will aid you to understand how to auction off items on eBay and show you how easy it is.

Then go to the Government Auction Review Site and check which government auction site is the preferred one for finding government auctions and products for sale at each auction (live and online). Once you learn of the government auction site that will offer access to a mammath of merchandise for you to resale, then join that site.

Now just simply research the government auction items online or attend a live auction in your area. If you wish to make a good profit, buy the significantly reduced articles that interest you, and sell them on eBay. Viola, eBay’s complete audience has access to your items and can now bid on them.

You have just begun what will become an extremely valuable internet business.

Source discounted foreclosure properties and surplus items, all at 40%-80% off book value, by visiting Government Auctions Review. To see discounted cars at 40%-80% off book value check out Police Auctions Review.

I (Nolan Speers) have been a professional entrepreneur for 15 years and have built a growing business sourcing discounted homes and properties, cars and vehicles, and other surplus items from various government auctions.

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