Hot Rods and Pedal Cars

Many classic pedal car models are based on hot rod cars. Popular car models, like the ’55 Chevy, have long been turned into child-size pedal car versions. In fact, those based on real cars have stayed the most popular style of pedal car for several generations. Manufacturers discovered that popular cars made for popular toys. Today, adult collectors enjoy these pedal car versions of their favorite hot rod, because these classic cars have never gone out of style.

Although pedal cars were first produced as the first real cars were reaching the market, reached their height in popularity in the 1930’s and the 1960’s, exactly when hot rod cars became popular in the car market. The first pedal cars were shaped like the Model T car these children’s fathers drove, and were designed to allow young boys to be able to mimic their dads’ driving. During the height of popularity for both the pedal car and hot rods, designing hot rod pedal cars made sense. Even if their parents could not afford a real hot rod car, they could afford one in pedal car size for their children. As more and more families could afford real automobiles following the World War II, they also purchased pedal car versions for their children. The designs of pedal cars closely followed that of real cars during the decades of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Today, hot rod pedal cars make good sense because their classic styling will always be popular. Since pedal cars are built to withstand generations, these classic models will always seem timely. Pedal cars are still being made in hot rod styles for today’s parents and grandparents to buy, introducing a new generation to the hot rod style. Many of the most popular models from a generation or two ago are even being reproduced, allowing today’s children to enjoy the exact same style of hot rod pedal car their parents may have had as children.

These pedal car versions were produced in a wide array of styles and colors. Many were modeled after real car makes, although a few were fantasy hot-rod style designs. Pedal cars modeled after hot rods don’t just include the car’s sleek lines. These details allow children to pretend that they are driving a real hot rod car. Whether modeled after a specific car or a generic hot-rod type, these child-size cars often include chrome details, special paint like racing stripes or flames, working horns, and side-view mirrors. In classic paint colors, including candies and pearls, these cars are sure to please both children and the adults who remember the real versions of the car. A distinctive paint scheme, after all, is one of the hallmarks of a classic hot rod car.

Many children of previous generations enjoyed hot rod-style pedal cars because they looked just like their fathers’ cars. While this is not usually the case today, children still enjoy the classic lines of a hot rod pedal car. Their bright colors and sleek designs are sure to please many young children. Although there are many other types of pedal cars available today, the classic hot rod remains the most popular choice.

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