1. Satrio Bagus Satrio Bagus

    this Health insurance video will be my Health encourage. I will support my family to visit dentis every one six month. more info call 888-309-1861 I should’nt worried about the Health fees. Because I have join to Health insurance.

  2. Nesha Britwood Nesha Britwood

    It's sad. Dentist tell us to come to the dentist when we next help, but still charge us an arm and a leg. I can't even get my teeth fixed because it's so much money.

  3. Tammy Creo Tammy Creo

    CAREINGTON is a fraud, the prices that are shown on the Schedule 501 are only if a regular dentist dares to do the procedure, in other words, if you neighbor or friend can do the extraction of the root canal, then Careington will honor those fees. If you are referred by your dentist to see a specialist like a Periodontist, Orthodontist or Surgeon, then you have to pay 80%. And they only pay 20%.
    Basically, the company is a fraud and a liar, and it should not be in business.
    I am reporting this company to all agencies!

    This company should not be in business!!

  4. Jim Marcum Jim Marcum

    dental insurance pays a very small portion of your charges.  your dentist then pockets that and charges you the full amount he charges everyone else.  that's how they drive Land Rovers.

  5. enko benko enko benko

    good job! Awaked many people to aware how important visiting dentist is. I recommended anyone to join dental insurance to get many benefits. More informations call 888-989-3219

  6. Technokm Technokm

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  7. Darko Petkovski Darko Petkovski

    if you need consultation about your teeth, we will giv you the best information, interest call us 855-972-2714

  8. Mac Taqaoso Mac Taqaoso

    Very informative video.Enjoyable to watch. Click -> Dental Insurance – No Waiting Period to learn more about a lower cost alternative to standard dental insurance.


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