Image from page 107 of “The Saturday evening post” (1839)

Image from page 107 of “The Saturday evening post” (1839)
Automotive Mobile
Identifier: saturdayeveningp1933unse
Title: The Saturday evening post
Year: 1839 (1830s)
Publisher: Philadelphia : G. Graham
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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ounder of the pneumatictire industry; that the history of Dunlop Tiresextends from that time to the present through thesuccessive developments of tricycle and bicycle,as well as automobile, motor truck and motorcycle ? The original idea for a pneumatic tire wasfirst advanced in 1845, but it was unappreciated,neglected and forgotten. Dunlop, forty-three yearslater, knew nothing of it, and his tire, which washis own original invention, led to the immediateestablishment of the pneumatic tire industry. Dunlop made that first tire for his boys tri-cycle because he thought the vehicles narrowtires were too hard both on the ground and onthe rider. He quickly realized what his inventionwould mean to the bicycle; but its real signifi-cance was far greater, as we know, who havewitnessed the spectacular progress of the auto-mobile—then undreamed of. It was only a short time after Dunlops inven-tion that the organization resulting from it becamethe first to manufacture and sell an improved type

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THE SATURDAY EVENING POS-T 99 THAT IS OLD of tire, involving the principle of inner tube andopen casing in both well-known forms—theclincher type, as well as the one with wire re-inforcement in the bead—long known as theDunlop type. It was that principle of innertube and open casing which made the pneumatictire practical for the automobile. The way in which the Dunlop idea and theDunlop Tire have circled the globe parallels inrapidity and intense interest the extraordinaryindustrial achievements of the builders of theAmerican automotive industry. Few Americans realize just what the growthof this Dunlop institution has been. Over inEngland there is, near Birmingham, a great tire-building city which in size and output ranks amongthe large tire-building plants of the world. Dunlop Tires are manufactured in England,France, Germany, Japan, Australia and Canada.There are Dunlop factory branches in Belgium,Holland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, SouthAmerica, South Africa and India. Dunl

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