Lost and Found ! Bugatti

Lost and Found ! Bugatti
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After 74 years underwater –
this original 1925 Bugatti Brescia Type 22 Roadster has been found, recovered and sold and is now on display at the Mullen Museum, Orxnard, CA.

The car had been in Switzerland’s Lake Maggiore since 1936 following an argument between the car’s owner and a government (tax collector) official.

The last owner of the car is believed to be Marco Schmuklerski, an architect who’s buildings are still dotted around the country. Rumors in Switzerland suggest that an official, upset that import taxes were never paid on the car, demanded the car´s destruction. The official´s underlings complied by dumping the car in the water, where it was forgotten until a local diver found the car half-buried on the lakebed.

The Mullin Museum in Oxnard, California bought it at auction for 1,343 at Bonham’s Retromobile sale in Paris in 2010.

The mural to the right is of the recovery efforts lifting car off the bottom of the lake. In other images the tires can been seen still inflated. Except for iron, corrosion was limited due to the car being buried in silt on the left side and the cold temperature of the lake water.

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