Mickey’s Last Christmas

Mickey’s Last Christmas
Who would’ve guessed that last year would be Mickey Mouse’s last Christmas in his own house? In an ironic twist of fate, the Mayor of Toontown lost his home – and entire city – to eminent domain. It’s rumored that the city was caught up in the sub-prime mortgage collapse. Many of the properties were heavily leveraged and could not sustain the economic meltdown. Many residents were out of work. Goofy couldn’t afford fuel for his crop-dusting business, farms dried up and collapse was inevitable.

As a result, homes were bought for pennies on the dollar and sold to a developer that bulldozed every residence and business in the area to make way for a new theme park. I hear it’s even going to have a castle standing on the ashes of what was once the mayor’s home. Some folks accuse Goofy of collusion with the developer in exchange for a sweet deal in the new land, but those rumors are unconfirmed. Today, Mickey roams around Main Street and depends upon the kindness of strangers.

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