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Your Pleasures Are My Pleasure

Only a stones’ throw away from this site, Auguste Renoir had his studio, and painted what he saw at the local dance terrace.

In 1990 Japanese industrialist Ryoei Saito, bought at for USD.1 million a Renoir known as:

"Au Moulin de la Galette",_Mo…

It was the second highest price ever paid for a masterpiece at auction. Non-plussed, he told the press: "If other good ones become available, I will buy more and more"

Mr. Saito & his company fell upon hard times, and shortly after his death, it was sold privately for USD million to help repay debts which was – even at that price- a 26 percent loss before transactions costs, commissions (another ~15%)!

It is said that this smaller version is in Switzerland, but few have actually viewed it. But then it is also suggested that it was sold maybe by in the United States for between million and 0 million to a man who wished to remain anonymous, though the buyer was said to have no plans to display it publicly.

Finally, as we see in Mr Saito, there are indeed people with more money than sense (sic cents), and we can only hope that they, too, are soon bitten by the philanthropy bug to help their fellow human in whatever their (hopefully) humane and compassionate charitable pursuits…

NB: Both Sotheby’s & Christie’s have important Photographic auctions, so do sign in for their newsletters, it is a learning experience.

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