Operationalizing Your Strategic Business Plan for the Re-Design and Health Care Reform

Operationalizing Your Strategic Business Plan for the Re-Design and Health Care Reform
Check in at 9:00am, the event starts at 9:30am, lunch will be provided at 12:00pm, and the event will conclude at 4:00pm.  A catered breakfast and lunch will be provided. CEUs: 5.5 CEUs for Ohio Social Workers and Counselors will be provided, pending approval Lunch: Included with the registration fee Registration Deadline: 5/19/17 at noon Questions? Contact Mark Mecum at 614-461-0014 or mmecum@oacca.org Refunds: Full refunds available until 10 days prior to the event.   OverviewThis onsite training day will be provided by Michael Flora, MBA, M.A.Ed., LCPC, Senior Operations and Management Consultant of MTM Services. The training will provide a full day of operational support training that builds off of David Lloyd’s “Leadership Support Required for Strategic Business Plan Development” training from April at the OACCA Conference. As more provider contracts move away from strictly fee-for-service agreements with single fee schedules and towards contracts based in pay-for-performance, value based, episode based, case rates, and upside/downside risk, behavioral health organizations are finding themselves wanting for more sophisticated back office management functionality. What level staffing is necessary to capture revenue under these new arrangements and monitor corporate compliance? What new workflows need to be put in place? Learn about what changes are necessary to your Clinical and Revenue Cycle Management approach as you adopt a greater understanding of the new healthcare environment. Health care reform provides great opportunities to diversify and grow practices but also demands significant changes for the financing and accountability of community healthcare whether through insurance exchanges, co-ops, or expansion of Medicaid managed care. Michael will provide consultation on how to operationalize the development of objective strategic business plans. The training day will be divided into two sessions. Morning session: Michael will present solutions and ideas related to business management and operational strategies needed for community mental health providers to be successful with managed care payers. Michael will provide in this training specific models for pre-service, point of service and post service review to meet the clinical and financial competencies that MCOs and other payers require in a value based payer environment. Afternoon work group session: Michael will walk through the development of your 90 day plan to begin operationalizing and aligning the clinical and business operations to support the identified operational change needs. Learning Objectives: • Develop your organizations plan to operationalize the key drivers to achieve the efficiencies, outcomes and service utilization management in the new payer environment.• Develop your strategy for integrated care internally or through partnerships with other providers/MCOs to achieve value.• Gain a greater understanding of the new innovation that you are seeing in community mental health agency models throughout the country as we move from being paid for volume to value. Review and assess current staffing to determine staffing levels and skill sets necessary to capture revenue under these new arrangements and monitor corporate compliance• Develop new workflows that are needed in the new contractual environment to meet the needs of the MCOs.• Understand the skills necessary to maintain and monitor multiple payers and payer requirements. About Michael Flora, M.B.A., M.A.Ed., L.P.C.C., L.S.W. Mr. Flora is the Senior Operations and Management Consultant for MTM Services, a National Council Senior Consultant, and Adjunct Faculty at the Northern Illinois University. He is also the President and CEO of a multimillion dollar behavioral healthcare organization and its four subsidiary corporations. He has over 30 years experience in clinical practice and behavioral healthcare administration. He has had extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement, Workforce Development, Diversity Training, Clinical Re-Engineering, Marketing, Business Planning, Leadership Training, Executive /Leadership Coaching and Training , Board Governance and Board Leadership training and consulting, Evaluation and Development, Project Management and Mergers and Acquisitions in healthcare. He has lectured throughout the country and on the national conference level on behalf of treatment and administrative issues.  

at Embassy Suites Columbus-Westerville
2700 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, United States



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