Prepaid Legal: Where’s the Legality of Success?

The networking business industry is abuzz with the importance of MLM companies. Most people are being skeptical of the term “marketing” unless a product is being shown, demonstrated, and proved to be effective, plus the compensation it gives. So if its an intangible product people inevitably think of it as a scam. Are there any companies that sell services we can count on? What about its legalities? I am talking about Prepaid Legal and many people thought it was a rip off. Well i did some ground work and here is what i discovered:.

Company Origin Prepaid Legal started operations in July 1968, offering exclusive primary products making it an exceptional company in comparison. Prepaid Legal offers intangible products i.e legal services.Mr Harland C. Stonecipher who has paid thousands of dollars in bills after an accident,decided to set up an MLM Company that provides people with expert legal services for an affordable monthly fee. Prepaid Legal, Headquartered in Ada Oklahoma, grew in size and was able to put up 50 offices in Canada.In 2007, Pre-Paid Legal was listed among the 200 Best Small Companies in the United States of America. At present, it renders services in nearly 50 cities in Washington, D.C. along with four provinces.

Product PrePaid Legal offers legal services on issues on insurance companies,contract reviews,making wills,identity fraud, buying a house or car etc. Having the largest number of associates approximately more than 1.5 million associates, resulted this MLM Company to be the largest and successful network-marketing corporations. The Legal programs of PrePaid Legal are being distributed by the Independent Business Owners (IBOs). On a one-to-one basis you can get legal plans through PrePaid Legal. It is similar to an insurance company. Common to their MLM Business Company, one can earn money through intense demand of the public offered by the Prepaid Legal services.

Compensation Plan You can become an associate by paying a startup fee of $ 49. If you get orders in range of $ 69 to $ 250, you will surely earn. In this marketing business, bonuses and perks are available as soon as new member are enlisted, thereby motivating you to grab the opportunity. As an associate you don’t have to wait for your commissions,you can get paid as soon as your referral’s membership form is logged in. The company also provides proper trainings and promoting aids for the member to start up the business.

With all the information I have researched, Prepaid Legal is an obvious legitimate company. Hence, with what it offers pertaining to legal services only means one thing, they are not hoax and have no intention to fool anybody.

Like other MLM Business, networking business industry offers products either tangible or intangible through downlines or sponsors. They always need sponsors who subscribe or use because they are the income source. The more marketing you do,the more income potential there is. Because Marketing is highly competitive,you require a successful marketing strategy. It requires double effort to pursue your goal. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can consult a marketing expert to help you sponsor people. It’s ideal to have at least 10-20 persons to acquire a profitable income. To be a successful marketer equip yourself with proper skills and knowledge and you can start sponsoring. Remember, the way you market your business could completely change your income potential.

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