Reverse Auctions, Coupon Sites And Comparison Shopping

Wherever we look online, there is a company offering us a discount. 10% off multiple items when purchased together, 50% off end of line stock, or 25% off when we spend £200 or more in a sale! Of course, the offers are only really there because the majority of the time, what is being offered is related to products that are not really selling that well. These companies make out they are doing their “loyal” customers a huge favour, by offering them products that are not selling, at prices just a little below normal prices, that people don’t want them at.

Here is the thing; there are great deals out there. There are discounts and deals on offer for top quality products that we, as consumers, actually want and need. The question is; where do we find these great deals?

#1 Reverse Auctions Most people have not even heard of reverse auctions, let alone understand the concept. Reverse auctions are special! They offer the consumer the opportunity to save 100’s of pounds on top quality products, discount of over 90% are certainly not un-heard of. Here is the best thing; these discounts are not related to low quality products that people do not want. They are brand new and up to date products that are flying off high street shelves at ten times the cost. Bidders can get involved instantly by signing up and purchasing a bid credit pack.

#2 Coupon sites When purchasing an item online, obviously reverse auctions offer the best deal. That being said, if there is really a need to use ecommerce stores, use coupon sites first! The top coupon sites will have deals relating to hundreds of different online retailers. Although the 10-20% discount that they are offering in comparison to reverse auctions might not be impressive, it is still discount. In a time where every penny counts, don’t take discounts for granted, as they really do help!

#3 Comparison shopping Comparison shopping tends to yield similar results to that of coupon sites. Discounts vary between 10-20%. Again, this might not be as impressive as using reverse auctions, but they do have the slight edge on coupon websites. Coupon sites require a lot of time and effort. Using comparison websites, consumers can actually purchase all the items they need within a matter of minutes. They can directly compare suppliers, delivery times and even prices, without even having to go to the individual supplier’s website!

So which is best? They are all great ways to save money in their own right. Reverse auctions are certainly for those people that are looking for the big savings. Coupon websites are ideal for those people that like to shop at a certain online store and just want to make some smaller savings. Finally, comparison websites are best suited for those people that are not bothered which store they use, but want to buy products instantly, rather than bidding on them! Which ever method is chosen; they all offer discounts!

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