Safety Precautions and Brakes For Motorcycles

Pretty much anyone you ask understands that riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity. From kids to riders with years of experience on the roads, we all know the risks. Some cannot understand the appeal of motorbikes as cars are also readily available to most. Any rider will tell you that riding a bike is not always about getting from A to B. It is an adventure, a passion and a chance to hone great skills and be part of a huge community.

Some research shows that the number of people wishing to ride a motorcycle is increasing. Although there are many organizations that seek to make biking safer, there are a large amount of serious motorbike accidents each year. Raising awareness of safe practice among riders is just as important as educating automobile drivers to take extra care in looking out for bikes.

Statistics show that around three quarters of accidents involving motorcycles include other vehicles. The other quarter tend to involve collisions with roadside objects such as barriers and signs, pavement defects (e.g. potholes) and rider error. A rider must remember never to use their bike under the influence of alcohol, nor to use excess speed. Those more familiar with cars or trucks should remember that brakes for motorcycles require very careful and correct usage.

Though many riders spend quite a lot on good quality parts and brakes for motorcycles, they often choose to neglect safety when in a hurry. Many accidents occur while on the road to college, work or the mall. People tend to assume that as they know the way and it is often not too far from home, that they can get away without concentrating so much, or even without a safety helmet. Appropriate clothing is just as important as having a valid licence and brakes for motorcycles.

When choosing the right clothes for biking, it is best to consider how they will help if you fall. Some specialist clothing will be designed with padding in order to absorb as much impact as possible. A combination of hard protection (to help reduce fractures) and soft protection (to help reduce bruising) is preferable – good quality garments do tend to cost more, but are worth it in the event of an accident. Leather is still considered one of the best materials available for abrasion resistance in motorcycle clothing, and biking leathers tend to be thicker than in ordinary garments. Although there are alternatives available for those who are uncomfortable wearing leather, they tend to be considered less efficient.

Ask people a few ways to describe a biker’s clothes and they will soon come out with the words ‘black leather’, and although using black leathers is common, it is not that safe. It is more advisable to wear brighter colours and reflective jackets or vests, especially in the dark.

A lot of serious accidents and fatalities from biking involve head injuries, and wearing a safety helmet can literally be the difference between life and death. If you want to be a biker, think about safety – think about how to use correct clothing, speed and brakes for motorcycles in order to get to your destination unharmed.

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