Selling Your Car at Auction

Auction houses have long be recognised as a great place to buy a used vehicle. But what do you do with your existing car? If dealers won’t give you what its worth and selling privately seems like too much of a hassle, why not consider selling through an auction house?

Auction selling generally offers you two ways to sell your current vehicle, through trade-in or consignment to auction. Both are stress free and guaranteed to make the selling process less time consuming and much simpler for you. What’s even better is that you aren’t obligated to purchase through an auction, but if you do, you can buy and sell in the one spot.

Auction House Credentials

Auction houses have years of experience in the auctions and valuations industry, making them specialists in their field. Skilled valuers are trained to stay on top of market values and this translates to reliable, accurate and fair estimates to pass on to customers.

Trading In Your Vehicle

Trading in your vehicle is simple. Take your car to the auction branch and an expert valuer will assess the worth of your car. You will usually be provided with a trade-in certificate for use at auction which is valid for 21 days. Should you buy a replacement vehicle, simply present the trade-in certificate when you are finalising payment on your new car. This amount will be immediately deducted from the invoice price of your purchase. However, each auction house may handle trade-ins in their own way.

Consign Your Vehicle to Auction

If you would like to enter your vehicle into an auction, the process is easy. Once you have received a valuation on the estimated value of your car our team can organise to enter your vehicle into the auction system. For a small fee, you will have entry into a number of auctions, depending on the auction house you are dealing with. Processing and administrative fees will apply and vary by company, so please check with staff or ion the company website.

Pickles Auctions are Australia’s largest auction group, holding regular offline and online auctions of used cars and general goods
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