Will Buying Repo Motorcycles Save You Money? Motorcycles

Will Buying Repo Motorcycles Save You Money?

A motorcycle can be repossessed from its owner if he or she defaults on pre-agreed payments. Once the motorbike is reposed, it is branded as a repo motorcycle because technically speaking it is not new, but again it may not be old either.Buying a repo motorcycle can save you a lot of money. Usually financial institutions to recoup their funds sell repo motorbikes. Now, many at times they place these motor bikes on sale at ridiculously low prices. It becomes an alternative to the new ones for anyone interested in a motorcycle. The owner may have paid all but the...
Motorcycles: Izzy Motorcycles

Motorcycles: Izzy

Motorcycles: Izzy These are some motorcycle taxi guys that I saw on Soi 23. Their job is waiting for people to take to a destination. Sort of like a taxi, but on a motorcycle. This is fast and common but dangerous way to travel in Thailand.
A Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles Motorcycles

A Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki motorcycles were introduced in 1954, and have made quite a name for themselves when it comes to high performing motorcycles. Many Kawasaki models have been designed over the years for dirt bike racing. They are powerful yet lightweight, giving the rider an edge over the competition. The bikes are also known for offering a sturdy frame, great suspension, and being affordable. Many people aren't aware that Kawasaki manufactured motorcycle engines for years before they decided to make complete bikes. This allowed them to enter the competition knowing exactly what to build and how to build it. In 1960, Kawasaki...
Fuel Efficient Motorcycles: Updating Your Old Bike Motorcycles

Fuel Efficient Motorcycles: Updating Your Old Bike

Soaring fuel prices have made gas-guzzling cars very unpopular. Welcome to the resurgence of the motorcycle. Why? Because properly maintained motorcycles and motorcycle engines can get between 40 and 60 miles a gallon. Smaller scooters get upwards of 90 miles a gallon, pretty good for an economy with $ 4-per-gallon gasoline. Because of this, bike sales have soared. Motorcycle repair, too, can come in handy. Do you have a bike in storage that you haven't dusted off for awhile? There's a good chance you can be among those restoring motorcycles so that you can ride your old road hog again....
Some Great Early Model Motorcycles By Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Some Great Early Model Motorcycles By Harley Davidson

From the beginning of their very first motorcycle, Harley Davidson has continued to deliver some terrific motorcycles that have continued to fascinate and thrill consumers for many, many years.After the introduction of the Harley's XL Sportster in 1957, Harley Davidson developed a more sporting version known as the XLCH in 1959. The "CH" was supposedly standing for competition hot. These motorcycles were stripped-down models that were oriented toward on-road and off-road work with magneto ignition, high exhaust pipes, solo seat, smaller "peanut" tank, and lighter overall weight. It also featured the now-famous "eyebrow" headlight cover that remains a Sportster trademark.Harley-Davidson...
Let's Take a Look at Children and Motorcycles Motorcycles

Let’s Take a Look at Children and Motorcycles

Many children grow up in families where motorcycles are a part of life. I can remember my husband taking our boys for rides as soon as they were old enough to walk. This was scary for me as I don't have a great deal of motorcycle riding experience. However, my husband has been on them since he was a toddler so it was just a natural process for him. Most children love riding on motorcycles, but the issue is very controversial. I am an overprotective mom, so it is hard for me too. However, all of my children love riding...
Suzuki Motorcycles Delivers Hang On To Your Pants Performance Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles Delivers Hang On To Your Pants Performance

Just above the roar of the high performance motorcycle you detect the sound of someone screaming. You wonder if they are alright. When they come into sight, you see that the person riding that bike is not screaming but laughing with a huge smile on their face. They are riding a Suzuki Hayabusa. They are straddling a rocket between their legs and are hanging on for dear life. Suzuki has set the standard for exhilarating motorcycle performance. Suzuki motorcycles are solid built, well planned, and designed for performance, dependability and ease. They are also eye candy, very cool and oh...
Buying Repo Motorcycles Can Save You $$$$$$$ Motorcycles

Buying Repo Motorcycles Can Save You $$$$$$$

Have you ever thought of looking at repo motorcycles to buy as an alternative to the normal new or used option? If you haven't, then take my advice and check out the idea. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with what you will find. Not only are there repo motorcycles but also boats, cars, trucks, campers and more that can be found at auction houses around the country. These bikes and autos have usually been repossessed because people have not been able to repay their loans for what ever reason. Because of this the finance companies repossess the vehicles...
Used Motorcycles for Sale - Giving you Excitement at Affordable Price Motorcycles

Used Motorcycles for Sale – Giving you Excitement at Affordable Price

Owning a motorcycle can be a great accomplishment, especially for those who enjoy the feeling of hitting the open road and feeling the wind blowing against their faces. Of course, motorcycles are not for everybody; they are known for being quite dangerous. As a result, motorcycles tend to be best for people who are known to be risk takers and who enjoy an adventure. Those who are serious about riding a motorcycle may even consider joining a club, attending a motorcycle rally, or riding across the country with other motorcycle enthusiasts.For those who are simply toying with the idea of...
A Close Look at Motorcycles For Sale Motorcycles

A Close Look at Motorcycles For Sale

It is estimated that nearly thirty million motorcycles are sold each year. This statistic includes public and private sales. This is not a surprising number when one considers the amount of motorcycles for sale ads listed online and in newspapers. Bike riding attracts individuals from all walks of life. Teenagers, young adults, middle aged adults, and seniors are drawn to this popular activity. Biker clubs and organizations can be found all around the globe. One can find various types of periodicals devoted to this activity. There are tons of magazines, books, and video programs being sold on the market today....