The Advantages of Buying Cars from Government Auctions

Do you have a certain car that you have always wanted but know you could never afford? Government and Police Auctions offer vehicles from all price ranges that are confiscated from criminals and citizens who couldn’t afford them. Many people leave these auctions driving away in cars they’ve purchased for 10-25% of their actual value! That means if you were to purchase at $ 10,000 car at a police or government auction location you could save as much as $ 9,000. Lets take it up a notch though. Lets say you were looking for a $ 50,000 car. You spend as little as $ 5,000 on the car or truck of your dreams.

Buying a car at a government or police auction location can yield several benefits:

– Everyone hates negotiating with car dealers. Auction prices have no hidden fees so you won’t have to waste your time dealing with a salesman who is trying to get the most possible money from you. If you are concerned about a cars condition, you can check the vehicle at Inspection Days before the actual government or police auction takes place.

– Vehicles purchased at Government and police auction locations are in good shape. They have been cleaned, tuned, and prepared to drive right off the auction lot.

– You are allowed to bid on any vehicle you are interested in. Insider secret: Many used car dealers buy their cars at these very same government and police auction locations and re-sell them to you, the consumer, for the inflated prices commonly seen. It makes perfect sense to remove the middle-man from the equation and save yourself thousands of dollars by buying directly from government and police auctions.

– Government and Police auctions are easy to use. Simply find and visit a local government or police auction yourself or check out one of the many held online and save yourself some time.

– You can also find many rare or exotic vehicles at government and police auctions. At dealerships you would normally find make-specific cars and trucks with lot selection focused on the most recent releases that a particular manufacturer would have to offer. At government and police auctions one has the opportunity to find rarities or vintage vehicles from years passed,

Government and Police auctions can prove to be extremely helpful to someone with a tight budget. Do yourself a favor and make your next car purchase through a government auction. When you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Doug Preston is an auction proponent and maintains a website on Government and Police Auction information

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