The Power of Yard Trucks

Yard Truck is designed to move semitrailers in or around commercial freight yards. It has a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel which allows the operator to move the trailer without stepping out of the vehicle. When the trailer reaches its destination, the operator can lower the trailer to the ground and uncouple the fifth wheel. These trucks are known to move three units in the same amount of time that a standard truck uses to move one unit. Listed here is more on the reasons why one should buy yard trucks.

Why Buy Yard Trucks?These trucks eliminate the need to crank landing gear up and down while moving the trailer. This helps to save a lot of time and effort.They provide a clear view of the trailer sides and rear for accurate spotting of trailers.Yard trucks provide complete comfort to the driver as they allow the movement of the trailers without climbing up and down from the cab.These trucks are extremely cost effective as they enable quick operation at low speeds with excellent fuel economy.Yard trucks help improving the productivity because it allows the driver to move three trailers at a time.They are designed to for longevity and easy operation.Major parts of the truck are easily accessible. It is easy to locate and identify any electrical problems.These trucks provide with stability, even when they are moving with fully loaded trailers.The truck is constructed in such a way that it allows the driver to enter and exit the trailer easily.They come with heavy duty double boom bearings which allow complete lubrication distribution.Yard trucks are made using galvanized side panels and aluminum rear sliding door which are corrosion resistant.They come with removable heater filter which helps in keeping the dust away from the heater and provides with a cleaner air intake into the cab.

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