The Truth About Legal Service Plans

People in the United States are now finding that an old concept that has been used in many countries in Europe since the 1930’s, that of legal plans is the way forward to ensure legal representation in many areas. Many people in America including large and small businesses have seen the advantages of signing up to a service like this as law firms around the country have decided to provide it. When a company or individual usually requires the service of a lawyer, the fee is paid immediately but with a legal plan service there is a membership which is paid every month or perhaps on an annual basis; where the person or company can use the services whenever they need to.

Having a legal plan service can make good sense, but it won’t solve all your legal issues as most of these plans focus on preventative legal care, so you can get legal assistance and advice before you start having legal difficulties. Prepaid legal plans also have the benefit of supplying the client with free meetings regarding any legal issues they need to resolve. This way a client using the legal prepaid service should be able to resolve legal matters that may have been causing concern for sometime and there is not restriction to how many times this can be done.

Usually ‘Last Will and Testaments’ are also included with annual updates as part of the services plan and many include letters or calls on your behalf as well. If you consider how often a dispute can be cleared up when a lawyer intervenes you can see one of the obvious benefits to this service. Any documents that require your agreement can also be checked over prior to you signing them and this includes the likes of used car sales agreements for example.

However, should you need to use your attorney for a courtroom appearance or other legal issue then you will have to pay by the hour but the fee should be discounted. The basic prepaid legal plan normally just covers the person and their family and business versions available will cover issues that are business related only and tailored to that environment. Other specialized versions of the legal plans are available, one in particular is for truck drivers and it is worth looking for these plans on your work notice board; they are sometimes free but are usually offered at a discounted rate.

In Conclusion

Like many health plans, legal plans will not normally cover ongoing complaints as they are designed to be a preventative type of service with the lawyer freely available. Situations like this could include a divorce, bankruptcy or other type of lawsuit which would net be covered under the terms and conditions of a legal services plan but in all probability, the hourly rate of your lawyer would be reduced for you. A legal plan service is a way for middle class Americans to have the access to attorneys that used to be the province of the wealthy; having a plan is a great way to help keep yourself out of legal trouble with preventative assistance, but it won’t solve all of your legal problems.

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