Top Recession Proof Career – Auto Mechanic

The service industry is suffering in the retail and entertainment areas. There are however, several service industries that will remain necessary and in fact thrive in down times. One of these is the automotive repair industry. Highly trained and skilled, auto mechanics will be able to ride out the recession better than most.

In these hard economic times, many professions are suffering. There are only a handful of industries that aren’t being affected. Many high school seniors and anyone looking for a career are starting to consider longevity when it comes to finding a career. When the economy is unstable, a career that won’t suffer in a recession is becoming a major factor when choosing a future job.

Since it is becoming harder to secure financing for new cars, many people are holding on to their older cars for longer periods of time. This of course, will lead to an increase in automotive repairs, maintenance, and towing. Employment of Auto Mechanics is set to increase 14 percent between now and 2016. Most of this will be centered around automobile dealerships and independent repair shops. Many new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will be created, and job opportunites will be significantly higher because many skilled technicians are exprected to retire within the next few years.

Small retail operations that offer after warranty repairs will continue to grow. Jobs will decline however in gasoline service stations because it is becoming less common for them to offer repair services.

A majority of these new job prospects are geared towards qualified people who complete high school or postsecondary automotive training programs. Mechanics with a certificate through the Institute of Automotive Service Excellenence (ASE) will be able to demand higher paying jobs.

Since auto mechanics are expected to have good diagnostic skill and problem solving abilities.Formal training is needed due to the high competition for entry level jobsformal training in basic electronics and computer courses will have the best opportunities for jobs.

There will always be a demand for skilled automotive repair specialist, and even in times like these, they will find their skills a valuable asset. Auto Mechanics were recently named in the ‘Top 21 Recession Proof Jobs’ by Forbes magazine.

Looking for a Recession Proof Career? Start a rewarding career as an Automotive Technician

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