Vintage Classic Collector Cars For Auto Restoration

Automobile enthusiasts have taken much interest in the models manufactured right after World War II up until the early 1970’s. It’s nostalgic for these collectors since the American auto industry was at the top of its game. International brands could not have penetrated the domestic market yet. Special attention is given to vehicles like the Crosley, Packard and Metropolitan who even became valuable to many collectors since the disappeared in the industry. Variety and exuberance dominated the market during that era. Today, it is quite the opposite as most vehicles are products of the lowest common denominator in market researches. A real collector owns or would like to own a car not solely for economic reasons but for the pure enjoyment of it.

There are many to choose from and one good investment in the postwar American vehicles is the luxury car division. Contrary to the name, many of these are truly affordable and cost only a fraction of the amount of a new luxury car model. Older models don’t depreciate anymore because they’ve already maxed out on it. In fact their values are already increasing and if you make some improvements to the cars’ condition, you can sell it at a higher price.

Maintenance shouldn’t be a problem either because these cars don’t have sophisticated computerized systems like we have today. Repairs are relatively cheaper for them. Fuel consumption for these classic models shouldn’t be a problem either. When these machines were created people could not spend for expensive means of transportation. During that time a ferry ride or New York subway ride cost only a nickel. In order to compete with such, these cars had to be economical. This quality is beneficial to drivers even today.

Another benefit of collecting postwar American cars is that you’ll meet people who have the same passion. People usually get acquainted and share thoughts on how to fix, or enhance the same model. Since the classic cars are popular, the owners have some of that too. Every generation has youth who grew up still attached to the thought of owning a particular model. For whatever reason, whether it’s fond childhood memories in that vehicle or simply a lasting desire for a classic, they individuals eventually turn out to be automobile enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to purchase a postwar American car, here are some of the best ones in the market. The Ford Mustang GT or any Mustang that has a 5.0 engine was the first of its kind to launch high performance American cars in the 80’s. They were specifically aimed at car enthusiast. The SVO models were not as popular but is still a fine ride given the turbocharged four-cylinder version and with modified suspension. The only two-seater car with a mid-engine produced in America during its time was the Pontiac Fiero. It can brag about its body that was made from steel framing with molded plastic panes. The car was truly unique.

Other popular models include the attractive outer body of Corvette models from 1984 and up which also had forged aluminum suspension and excellent cornering performance, the Shelby GLH which was top notch for autocross competitions, the two-seater Buick Reatta by General Motors and Cadillac Allante with 200 horsepower and V-8s lead in luxury convertible brands.

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