Where To Find Antique Fire Trucks For Sale Using the Strength of The Web

Firefighting runs in my genes. From my great grandfather to my oldest son, each generation carries on the exhilarating task of protecting our communities against the ravages of fires. After 22 years as a firefighter, my pulse quickens each time I hear a siren. I have always been able to tell by the look in my father’s eye when he hears a siren he feels it too. Because of his dedication to firefighting, when it came time for him to retire, I knew I wanted to get him a gift he’d treasure the rest of his life.

I got online and started searching for firefighting paraphernalia. There were all the usual things…Dalmatians, model trucks and so on. They were too cliche to grab my interest. I really considered getting him a pole from a demolished fire station I found online. As I considered it, though, I couldn’t figure out where it would go in my parents’ house. I wasn’t sure my mom would appreciate it, either. My parents didn’t have a huge house. As a career choice, you don’t go into firefighting for the money. However, my parents did have a lot of land, so I thought that if I could find something that could go outside, that might be a better choice.

I searched the internet again when suddenly I saw the advertisement that grabbed me: Antique Fire Trucks for sale. When I went to the site, I was surprised by the range of antique fire trucks for sale and how affordable they were. They had an incredible selection of antique fire trucks for sale. I knew almost immediately that this was the gift I was looking for.

After looking at each of the antique fire trucks for sale probably 20 times, I narrowed my choice down to two trucks. One was a very old truck with wooden spoked wheels, and the other was a 1965 Howe. Although the wooden wheels and nostalgia of my first selection was quite a draw, I knew the Howe would have significance for my dad, as he’d driven one of these himself on calls when he was younger. With the variety of antique fire trucks for sale to choose from, I decided to go with the Howe.

The day it arrived, I arranged to be there. When the truck came, my dad was so overwhelmed that tears of joy streamed down his face. He grinned from ear to ear as he examined each part of the truck. These days, I can always count on finding him polishing his truck when I stop by the house. As my younger kids climb around on the truck, he tells them stories about his time as a firefighter. If you want to get the firefighter in your life a gift he’ll never forget, take a look at antique fire trucks for sale.

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