Why Should You Go To Police Car Auctions?

The name sounds very suspicious: police car auctions. Some think they are selling cars that belonged to the police, cars that have POLICE written all over. People tend to think these auctions are selling only used police cars, because of the name. When people hear this term, they immediately imagine a big parking place with lots of police cars that are for sale. Others think that in these auctions they sell cars that belonged to bandits, cars with bullet holes, cars that were murder scenes and god knows what other horrible things people suspect. While any of the horrible, yet plausible statement above can be true in about 3% of cases, cars that belong to the remaining 97% have a totally different story behind them.

It’s true that police cars that are still working and look good, but for some reason have been parked around for a while and never used are sometimes auctioned. Only that the cars will not be auctioned as you would expect, with the POLICE sign all over them. These cars will get a new paint and will be stripped of all stickers and other police inscriptions. These cars usually belonged to retired officers or are currently replaced by other newer models, so there’s no point in stocking them forever. Because at the moment a car is replaced or unneeded it is considered used asset and deducted from stock that respective car will sell in an auction without reserve. This explains the very low prices everyone is talking about. Buyers that go to these auctions know this, and never overbid on a vehicle, trying to keep prices as low as possible. New buyers are advised not to bid over 50% of the real value of a car. Keeping the price line steady low will be used as a general guideline.

It’s true that even car that used to belong to criminals that had no family to take over the taxes are auctioned sometimes. Sometimes, you will find an occasional car that was impounded or seized for any reasons that will also get auctioned. Sometimes, even cars that were not entirely paid for are sold by the police. Cars that are new but not entirely paid for can be also sold. New cars that weren’t successfully paid can also be sold in these auctions. These cars are usually as good as new, and their prices will be a little bit higher that those of the firstly mentioned cars. These new cars will have prices that are a bit higher. Because they are practically as good as new, they will register bigger selling prices. Regardless, they won’t reach the blue broad value of each car. Here you can also buy repossessed scooters or motorcycles, but you likely won’t find a almost new Razor pro scooter.

In conclusion, going to a police held car auction will not only benefit your business, but also your personal garage, because you could be walking away with an extravagant car brought at 50% below market value.

Police car auction can constitute a good business starting point for anyone who has the earning to invest a little in the beginning.

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