Work ‘Smart’ With Folding Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are simple but clever machines that allow people to work ‘smart’ and not ‘hard’. They combine two types of basic machinery- ‘wheel and axle’ and ‘levers’. It is basically a cart with two wheels that allows a person to lift and transport heavy objects without exerting too much effort. It is designed in such a way that allows you to move around heavy objects by sliding under the object, lifting the object in an angular way and wheeling the object to the desired location.

Hand trucks are also used to transport fragile items like electronic appliances to cut down the risk of damage from being dropped. They are used by various kinds of people who need heavy items to be moved regularly, like furniture movers, electric appliance deliverymen and homeowners. If you need to transport your hand cart to different locations without having to drag it around, or don’t have enough storage area for a full blown hand truck, folding hand trucks are the best option for you.

Folding hand trucks are built using a variety of materials. The materials used in building the hand trucks determine the maximum capacity of the load it would be able to carry. Every material has its own distinct advantage. For example aluminum and magnesium are light but tensile materials and the folding hand trucks made using them offer increased maneuverability with light to medium load bearing capacities.

On the other hand, Magliner hand trucks are manufactured using tubular steel are the strongest amongst hand trucks, and can carry extremely heavy loads without getting damaged. Therefore, before deciding upon the kind of equipment to go for, you should first assess the kind of loads your hand trucks would be handling on a regular basis.

There is also the option of buying convertible Magliner hand trucks if you or your workers are constantly working with different load types and don’t want to pay for several types of hand trucks. A convertible hand truck features different positions and configurations that allow it to be adaptable to a number of different kinds of loads. Some types of convertible hand trucks also come with the feature of being able to fold, saving space as well as money.

You would also need accessories to make your hand truck perform optimally. Inclined planes to let it climb over steep and high curbs or staircases are a commonly needed accessory. Extended ‘nose’ sets to handle wider-bulkier loads and extra sets of wheels to replace worn-out ones are some of the other accessories that would keep your folding hand truck performing tasks with efficiency.

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